When Life is Sweet

It always amazes me that there are some key things in life that we just don’t get any training in.

This is true of relationships.

We don’t get any real guidance on how to be in relationship. We just follow (or not) our parents examples or are inspired by other couples. And all that will be mixed up by our often unconscious personal values such as discipline, freedom and beliefs.

Relationships take work. At first when we fall in love those wonderful ‘love chemicals’ go soaring around our body, and we become inseparable and hardly eat. But then like a mist those ‘love chemicals’ subside and we find ourselves in the clearing, married and set for a life together. It’s this place where we can be left standing wondering what actually is the future direction of our relationship.

‘It Takes Two’ is a unique programme specially for gay couples in the run up to getting married or a civil partnership.

I was asked to create this programme for a couple of clients because they wanted something to prepare them for their wedding day and couldn’t find anything in this country to support them. Being in a relationship is such a powerful and passionate experience, it really is greater than the sum of its parts. I loved working with them and seeing the impact it has had on each other and their partnership made me realise that this work is really needed in the world.

And so when life is sweet, I want couples to keep it sweet and be proud and strong in creating their own solid relationships in preparation for the life to come.

For more details click here for the ‘couples’ page.

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