3 Keys to Enrich Your Partnership – WEBINAR

Wednesday 14th October at 7pm (UK time)

Staying in love is a journey.
Most couples start sharing their life together by falling in love and just hope that it will last. But if you want to stay in partnership for the long term you need to understand the 3 keys that will help to keep you together.

In this FREE webinar on Wednesday 14th October at 7pm (UK time) I’ll explain why the 3 keys are important and how you can start to use them NOW.

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Here’s what we will cover:
◼︎ How to build and safe and secure partnership
◼︎ The 100/100 Principle
◼︎ How to be seen and heard
◼︎ How to improve your communication style in a new way

This webinar is for you if:
◼︎ You are a gay or lesbian couple
◼︎ You are beginning a new relationship
◼︎ Thinking of getting married
◼︎ Need a bit of a refresh in your current one

“I feel like I want to petition for your work to be compulsory before anyone gets married! It is hard to explain the incredibly beautiful impact it has had on our relationship. It didn’t change us ­ that’s not what it’s about ­ it made us more ‘us’ and it made us see ourselves in more colour.”

Now is always the perfect time to prepare and learn the skills and tools to keep you on the road – together!

I look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday 14th October at 7pm.

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Graham Russell is a professional life coach who supports gay and lesbian couples co­-create love, life and partnership together.