It Takes Two

A Unique Programme for Couples

With gay marriage becoming more popular and legal in more countries, gay couples are starting to flock to the altar – but are they ready? Without having the access to some of the religious resources that exist in the straight world (for example Pre-Cana in the Catholic church), many gay couples lack the support and guidance that is helpful for creating vibrant and long lasting relationships. Many gay couples fear that they are not capable of being in a healthy, long-term lasting relationship.

The time has come for gay couples to have the support they desire so that they too can ensure their relationship stays loving and fulfilling for years to come.

Programme Outline

It Takes Two is a unique and powerful programme to help couples build a strong and resilient relationship with awareness and connection to add to their existing love. The aim is to ‘future proof’ the relationship so that it is able to sail through the calm and rougher seas of life.

Relationships are what the makes the world go round. We love to be in connection and like many of the important things in life we just don’t get any training in them – we learn through others mistakes and often live unconsciously through a relationship.

The skills of co-active leadership and coaching are mixed together with a bunch of relationship systems, spiced from experts such as John Gottman, Matthew Kelly and David Roth resulting in a creative and distinctive six month programme for couples as they approach engagement, civil partnership or marriage.

The programme includes a Relationship Report, how to spot and prevent problems, creative conversations, active listening and tools to work through conflict in an empowering way,
Personality scales, family influences, sex, stress and spiritual beliefs are all factors in creating a conscious relationship.
There will be work to do in-between sessions which will prepare you for the next session.

This is a rich and fun programme to inspire and grow your relationship into the future.

The Set Up

This a six month programme with two sessions a month, meeting virtually.
This is an experiential programme and there will be couple assignments to complete in between sessions.
In addition there is one 1:1 session with each of you.

If you are curious and would like to find out more then please book for a complimentary Couple Check In