Your Song

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As Euro Vision descended on Europe this month – I was reminded of this quote:

“Too many people die with their music still in them”

What would it be like to have not sung your song when you leave this world?
Or just got through one verse?
To deny those around you your inner melody?

So often we fit in to the beat of others and just sing along to something we are not passionate about.

As each country in Europe sang, I wondered what songs were in each of us.

What is to sing – to express your music, your joy and live sharing your tunes with those around you?

What would it be like to let others sing along, to join in like a gospel chorus bringing soulful height and harmony to your life?

Have you ever wondered what your song is – what is inside you wanting to be sung? What does your song say about you, and what is it you want others to hear?

What song does your business sing and what is the music you want your customers to hear?

In coaching we look for that song – the song that brings the client alive, and the song that lights up a business.

I believe everyone has a song inside them – they might not know the words yet, but it’s there – the harmony and the rhythms.

It’s such a joy to see the courage that people take to discover their own music and to allow their lyrics to flow.

I gave douze points for our EuroVision title – ‘I Can’ – because I believe you, your business, your life, your country and the world – Can.

What’s Your Song?

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