Email Time Tip

Emails are the greatest single interruption in todays world

How much time to you spend on your emails each day – and how much does the preoccupation of emails affect your other tasks?

So here’s a tip that I have found useful.
Check your emails twice a day. 12 noon and again at 1600. Make sure that your email is switched off in-between these times to allow you to focus fully on other tasks. When you check emails try using a timer – (a digital kitchen one from a pound shop is ideal) – to focus and concentrate on clearing your inbox in 30 minutes or 60 minutes – or whatever is a reasonable stretch for you – this will help to prevent you from drifting off into other corners of your computer or the web.

Set up a personal auto responder that says something like “ Thank you for your email. I am currently checking and responding to emails twice a day – 12 noon and 1600 hrs. If you require immediate assistance please call or text me on my mobile 07555 123456.”

Never check your emails first thing in morning

This can change your life. It’s a small action but has an enormous effect.
Instead complete your most important task of the day before 11.00

Enjoy your weekend
What happens if you find something urgent in your inbox on Saturday morning that you can’t address until Monday morning? Even if your inbox scan only lasts a few seconds the preoccupation and forward projection for the following 48 hours effectively reduces your experience of life and your weekend. It means that you really didn’t get the best value out of your time off.

Get present to Life!

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