Curious About Our Name?

Curious About the Name?

Well, Sapere [pronounced Sa - pear - ray] is a latin word that means ‘be wise and to know’. We chose that name because it represents our inner knowing – our wisdom – a link to our unique truth. Sapere reflects a way that leads to proactive decisions which achieve desired outcomes and to move you forward – it’s what our life coaching is all about.

Dare to Change?

Dare to Change?

This inspirational video “Dare” reflects the work of the life coach and the client brilliantly – how we can hold ourselves back and finding the courage to take that leap to change. (It was made as an advert for the clothing brand Saga). You will need to turn the sound on.

Before I die I want to…

This short, gentle and inspiring video made me think about how much we are all alike in that we all have dreams we would like to happen before our life completes.

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