The Joy of Water

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I was listening to a mediation by Deepak Chopra the other day and he reminded me that our bodies are an ‘ever flowing river of energy with information in constant dynamic exchange with the environment around us’. Phew that’s a bit of a mouthful.

We are all connected to everything. And while we may have heard that before it’s often easy to forget.

Think of the qualities we intuitively pick up from another person at an energetic level. We can sense whether they feel peaceful or perturbed. When we say things like ‘she has a radiant heart’ or ‘I got a bad vibe from that person’, we are picking up information on an energetic level. Looking into someones eyes can also reveal tenderness or indifference, alertness or dullness.

Deepak mentioned the work of the scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto who offers a wonderful illustration of the power of communication through the molecular structure of water. Emoto documented an amazing set of photographs where he found that when positive emotions and thoughts such as love, appreciation and happiness and truth were focused on distilled samples of water the molecules formed delicate symmetrical crystalline shapes. On the other hand when the water samples was sent negative messages filled with hatred and hostility the water instead displayed chaotic fragmented structures.

Water makes up approximately sixty percent of the human body and about seventy percent of the human brain so it is easy to see how the energy and intentions we send to ourselves and others can have a such an enormous affect on our well being.

When we walk into a room our energy emanates before us. Without saying a word we are communicating through our energetic signature creating a ripple that can affect everyone we meet. If our state of being is centred in love and compassion we communicate that energy to each other. In the same way if we are full of judgement, hostility or resentment we communicate that too.

This isn’t about putting on a mask of cheerfulness or trying to be positive all the time because people who are attuned to their own true self will always sense when we are being authentic or when we are putting on a disguise. It’s about being present and true to ourselves and being responsible for our impact.

One tool that is really helpful in increasing our positivity is to write a gratitude diary. Each night write down something that you have been grateful for in your day. Keep the diary under your pillow to remind yourself every night.

As energetic beings our potential to affect others with our energy is both a great gift and great responsibility. Through expanding our positive energy and consciousness we have an unlimited capacity to send out ripples to help others and ultimately the planet move from fear, hostility and unrest to love compassion, peace and joy.

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