Space for Life

One thing I love about Life Coaching is that every client and every session is as unique and individual as the next. However one thing that does crop up quite frequently for many clients is clutter. Piles of it. Everyone has it and it really can be a blockage for many people preventing them from moving forward.

It may just be a cupboard or not knowing how to deal with a pile of paperwork – or our entire home. We may think that it’s not that important, but getting in control of these spaces can free up time for more important things in our lives. Space and time to think, dream, create and make personal or professional changes.

However by the time we notice it or it is brought to our attention clearing it can feel like such an overwhelming job that it is difficult to know where to begin.

So I have created a ‘Space for Life’ Coaching and De-Cluttering programme. It’s the perfect way to coach you out of clutter and into a clearer place where you have space to live and grow. This unique life coaching programme is delivered in partnership with Brighton based style consultant Alex Moore.

Have a click on the ‘De-Cluttering’ tab to see how you can create Space for Life. Or contact me in Brighton using my online form.

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