Move to the Right

Coaching Tips, Neuroscience

I love Visuals. My previous career was as an Art Director – that is designing sets for TV shows. So being creative and visual was the only element I was concerned about how to bring in to my coaching and leadership work.

It turns out that creativity is very much called for in this world. I have been dabbling in a bit of neuroscience lately and it is comforting to know that visioning, closing of ones eyes, dreaming for example which are all part of the coaches tool kit has solid neuroscience backing and benefits. Being intuitive I knew that anyway but even I do seem to like a bit of scientific endorsement.

When we get stuck or have a problem the tendency is to use the left logical side of the brain to work it out. We just want to move quickly from the problem to the solution. This can be tough journey with lots of thinking and options and decisions. Often going round and round in circles and feeling frustrated.

In coaching we take the journey of problem solving over into the right side of the brain where it is more spacious, creative and has the ability to see the bigger picture.

When we want something to change or we get stuck on a problem there are 4 ways to deal with it.

  1. Change the situation
  2. Change yourself to adapt to the situation or to see it in a different way.
  3. Leave the situation
  4. Moan about it and stay. (I bet you know a few of those!)

Often we need to change something about ourselves to deal with a problem or situation. Coaching is an experiential journey that you are guided through allowing you to get creative and leaning into the right side of the brain. Fear not – the left brain will kick back in once the right side has created a solution – as logic and implementation lives in the left side.

So give your left brain a break – it works far too hard. Chill out in right side because this is where innovation lives.

The world needs your innovation.

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