The Stage of Life

Life Coaching Tip
Have you ever sat down with yourself and had words?
Seriously. Have you said to yourself that this is Life?
This is it!
This is our Life.
It’s not a dress rehearsal.
The curtain is up and you are on stage.
Are you playing the part you really want?
Are you in the Chorus?
 Are you backstage?
Perhaps you’re hiding in the dressing room – finding the courage to go on.
Or are you centre stage feeling the glow and warmth of the spot light?
Or are you sitting in the darkened audience watching life go by?
Once the curtain comes down – that’s it!
That’s our life over and done. The show has finished and there is no encore.
How is it you want people to remember your performance by?
So sit down with yourself and with your personal director. Is there another part you have dreamed of playing – new lines to say or new scenery to explore?

Wherever you are, coaching can help you create your own show.
Go on. Play. Audition yourself for your dream role.
I believe you’ll get the part!

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